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Monday January 6th, 2025


This item is a HOLDING DEPOSIT payment to reserve your place on this Ski Safari #1 for 2025.

This is NOT the full purchase price for the Ski Safari.  Upon making your HOLDING DEPOSIT here, you will receive and email receipt, booking confirmation and an invoice for the Ski Safari #1.


notes:  * private groups - must be pre-arranged/booked & additional costs apply ( email: )

Ski Safari #1 | Adult x1 | 06 Jan 2025

SKU: 2025Safari01
  • The Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Risk Agreement MUST be signed PRIOR to purchasing our weekly Ski Camps.  The document is linked here for your convenience.

    Release Waiver and Risks Agreement

    Please download, sign & date and return email [ ].  The document may be completed online via Adobe or similar or may be printed to be signed/dated and then scanned and return emailed.



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